Ready Mix Concrete Supplier

Concrete is a composite consisting of the following main constituents: cement, aggregates, water, and admixtures.

It is a material that can be cast into different shapes, is durable, is the most attractive construction material in terms of compressive strength (construction material with highest strength per unit cost), and its increasing use is fundamental for sustainable construction.




Concrete By Design

Indocon concrete technologists are able to modify the properties of concrete through the use of innovative chemical admixtures, combined with the proper proportions of the various concrete constituents. For example, depending on the type of application and jobsite requirements, we can design concrete that is more fluid, stronger, develops strength faster, and also retains workability longer.


Benefit of using Ready Mix Concrete

Using ready mix concrete compared to hand mix in construction significantly reduces cost by

  • Lowering Labor Costs
  • Reducing Material Wastage
  • Reducing Storage Costs
  • The Ratio of all the Ingredients is accurately maintained, reducing wastage significantly.
  • Raw Materials Storage is not only expensive but also cumbersome. Eliminates the need for on site storage greatly reducing hassle and cost.

Ensured Quality
Quality control for on-site concrete has always been a major concern for the engineers and construction companies. Water-cement ratio and grading of the aggregates are next to impossible with the old fashioned concrete. With ready mix concrete, especially from Indocon, quality is always ensured as we use proper machinery and testing equipment.

Reduced Maintenance Costs
In the long run, concrete Buildings and pavements stand the test of time through their extreme durability and low maintenance requirements, and have a significant sustainable advantage over other structures. Moisture, which can undermine other building materials through rust or rot, has no weakening effect on concrete. Neither termites nor molds take any toll on concrete. In fact, concrete continues to strengthen over time, which is why concrete structures built thousands of years ago are still intact.