Concrete Pump

Some of the hard-to-reach places for pouring in Concrete can be solved by using our Concrete Pump. Whether it is located behind the building, high rise building, or places where the Concrete Truck is not able to access.




Bigger Concrete Pump To Reach Further

We currently have 2 sizes of Concrete Pump to suit your needs.




  • “Why Should I Pump My Concrete?” A concrete pump places concrete faster with less labor than any other method. You can save money and free up valuable personnel for other duties. Direct placement without re-handling improves concrete quality and reduces labor. A concrete pump causes less congestion than most other methods.
  • “Are Pumps Safe?” When used properly, a pump is safer than other methods. You don’t have two tons of concrete swinging or dropping, wrenched backs or tripping accidents associated with buggies.

For the most efficient and cost effective method of placing concrete in the construction industry today.